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Publishing: How Self-publishing Saved My Life

British indie author Paul Tomkins, a Professional Member of ALLi, describes how self-publishing route the toll on his health in challenging circumstances, allowing him to sidestep the frustrations of the traditional publishing route. Going it alone ten years ago started a chain of events that got me off Incapacity Benefit, and, even though my chronic illness […]

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The author Francis Guenette

Writing: How to Share Your Manuscripts with Your Partner

Following a lively conversation on our members-only Facebook page about whether and how to share your writing with your partner before publication, Canadian novelist Francis Guenette, who has a degree in Counselling Psychology, shares her own experience, from which she’s learned the best way to harness her husband’s feedback. To Share or not to Share? […]

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Photo of Virginia Woolf

Opinion: “She Needs a Website of Her Own” – on Women, Writing and Self-Publishing

Echoing Virginia Woolf’s seminal feminist essay, A Room of One’s (first published 1929), indie author and scholar Mohana Rajakumar considers the lot of the female author in the 21st century and invites contributions to her study of women writers. Do you remember what it was like when you were first starting to write? Did you have […]

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It’s All About the Writing! How a Lifelong Writer Found Fulfilment in Self-publishing

For those who were early adopters of self-publishing in its modern form and are now seasoned professionals, it’s easy to forget what a revelation it is to authors who are new to the process. For Writers’ Wednesday, Anita Dawes, who recently became an indie author, shares her delight at discovering what self-publishing can bring to […]

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Opinion: Are New Self-Publishing Platforms Killing the Editing Process?

Are traditional editing services an endangered species, or do we bypass them at our peril? Indie author Yen Ooi debates whether modern self-publishing platforms killing the editing process or are encouraging writers to be better editors. Type Here. Click Publish. Share Link. What’s next? How about self-publishing your book chapter-by-chapter, or even as you write? […]

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