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Raise the Profile of your Self-published Books with IndieReCon’s Great Competitions

With IndieReCon fast approaching, here’s a timely reminder about three great opportunities this fabulous free online conference offers to help you spread the word about your books: two contests and one massive giveaway. The Grand Prize Giveaway will function like a catalogue of great indie books, while the Cover and Book Description Contests will allow you […]

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ALLi Watchdog Jim needs your help

Orna Ross Writes: Normally our news posts are about services or events that help you. This week, we’re calling on your help for an outstanding contributor to the indie author movement. I’ve never met Jim Giammatteo in person (except on Skype) but through the wonders of the Internet, I’ve had the pleasure of working with […]

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Writing: How to Fend Off Indie Author Burnout

With the heady empowerment of being one’s own publisher comes a potentially crippling burden of all those essential tasks that surround the core task of actually writing. The combined but essential chores of editing, production, book marketing and financial management can sap the self-published writer’s energy, creativity and enthusiasm. Here are some tips to help you […]

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Ask ALLi April – Your Self-Publishing Questions answered by Joanna Penn and Orna Ross Event Announcement

REMINDER! Mark your calendars and join us on April 2nd as Joanna Penn and Orna Ross get together to answer your self-publishing questions. Ask ALLi is our regular monthly meet up where you can get your self-publishing questions answered. If you are an ALLi member, please click here to submit your questions  Although only ALLi members […]

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Why I Want An Editor Who Isn’t An Author

Debbie Young, Blog Editor, writes: “We don’t usually publish anonymous posts here, but it seemed reasonable to me to share this heartfelt plea from an author who has asked to remain nameless in order to avoid offending editors who know her personally. If you’re an author who has paid for editing services, do you agree […]

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Book Marketing: How to Set Up Pre-Orders for Paperbacks

Self-published novelist Marisha Pink shares a clever system for setting up a pre-order on Amazon, which she’s used successfully to launch for her latest paperback. How To Offer Your CreateSpace Paperback For Pre-order For years, indie authors have successfully offered their ebooks for pre-order, yet Amazon still remains reluctant to extend this feature to paperbacks published […]

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IndieReCon 2015: Let the Games Begin!

Get ready for our competition challenge ahead of IndieReCon 2015 With the IndieReCon 2015 free online conference just a month away, there are so many good reasons why indie authors should register, not least the three super competitions running during the event. What’s involved? Here is your starter for ten… 2015 IndieReCon Grand Prize Giveaway […]

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Dealing with Friends’ Reactions to Your Writing

Following Francis Guenette’s thoughtful post on how to share your writing with your partner, we’ve been chatting on the ALLi Facebook forum (open to ALLi members only – another great reason to join our organisation!) about the difficulties of dealing with friends’ reactions to your books. Or in many cases, their complete lack of reaction! […]

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ALLi Insights How to find your first 10000 Readers with Nick Stephenson and Orna Ross

ALLi Insights: How to find your first 10,000 Readers Video & Podcast

This month’s ALLi Insights featured Orna Ross and Nick Stephenson discussing how to find your first 10,000 Readers. Nick Stephenson was born and raised in Cambridgeshire, England and is a fiction author and novelist, writing in the mysteries and thrillers genre. His style is a mixture of mystery, action and humour, and he’s best known for […]

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