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Make the Most of Your Membership of ALLi #1: Private Facebook Discussion Group

The first in a new monthly series of tips on how to make the most of your membership of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), the non-profit organisation bringing together professional self-published and indie authors all over the world. Whether you’re already an ALLi member or haven’t yet signed up, we hope this new strand, […]

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Covers of all of Helen Hollick's novels

Writing: Why You Need An Editor

British novelist Helen Hollick, whose work is both self-published and trade-published, advises indie authors on how to choose and use an editor to improve their writing craft and the quality of their books. To professionally edit – or not to professionally edit? That is the question. Actually, it isn’t a question, it is an essential. No […]

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Why Self-publishing Is So Good For Literary Culture

Half or more of the books on Amazon’s daily bestseller lists are now self-published. At The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), we have many members who have sold more than 100,000 books and some who have sold in their millions. Many others are producing work of outstanding literary merit. Corporate publishers and agents now scour self-publishing […]

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Cover of Touching the Void by Joe Simpson

How I Do It: with Joe Simpson

It is a pleasure to put the “How I Do It” spotlight this week on Joe Simpson, the mountaineer whose powerful memoir of surviving a near-fatal accident in the Andes, Touching the Void, shot him to fame. A perfect example of the so-called hybrid author, i.e. simultaneously trade-published and self-published, Joe has asked to preface […]

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Katharine D'Souza

Writing: A Self-Published Author’s Report on the First London Author Fair

Self-published British author Katharine D’Souza’s report about the inaugural London Author Fair includes issues relevant to writers all over the world. The tag line for the first London Author Fair (LAF) on the 28th Feb 2014 was “Writers Unite”, and it was attended by writers of all stripes – some experienced self-publishers like me, some […]

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