headshot of author Jackie Griffiths

Writing: Case Study of a Writer’s Motivation

What compels you to write and to self-publish what you’ve written? In our occasional series examining what motivates ALLi author members to write, British novelist Jackie Griffiths shares her journey to self-publishing, in a story that will chime with many writers who fulfil their lifelong ambitions via self-publishing. “Being a member of ALLi has enabled […]

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ALLi Insights Ask ALLi Events hosted by Orna Ross

February Events: VAT Moss & Your Self-Publishing Questions Answered

On February 11th, we hope you will be able to join us for the Live Events broadcasts on Google+. Though If you can’t, they’ll both be available on our YouTube Channel or our SoundCloud Stream, so you to catch up at your leisure. ALLi Insights Feb 2015: VAT MOSS for Indie Authors This month’s topic is one you won’t want to miss. The seminar […]

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Cover of The Nuremberg Puzzle

Book Promotion: How to Extend A Self-published Book’s Marketing Reach Online

  Irish indie author Laurence O’Bryan shares his innovative ideas for extending the marketing reach of his next self-published book online. One aspect of the changing environment for writers, which has been little discussed, is the idea of extending our stories online with the help of social media, blogs and web sites. Social media and the […]

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ALLi Insights: Books by Design with Joel Friedlander Video and Podcast

ALLi Insights: Books by Design – Understanding Design for Author-Publishers with Joel Friedlander Orna Ross and Joel Friedlander met up at this month’s January ALLi Insights event to look at designing and building better books. Some of the topics discussed were: How many seconds you have to make an impression with your book cover The […]

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Cover of A Monument to Hawkesbury volume 3

Self-publishing for Community Projects

Self-publishing isn’t only about profit and sales – it can also provide fulfilling opportunities to help good causes such as charities and local community relations. English indie author Debbie Young shares her experience of three projects of this kind. While my main incentive for becoming an author publisher has always been to find an audience for […]

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