Charles Sheehan-Miles

How I Do It: Charles Sheehan-Miles Shares His Success Story as a Self-Published Author

Refusing to allow his self-publishing success to make him complacent, US novelist Charles Sheehan-Miles, with 12 self-published novels to his name, provides an inspiring example of sheer hard work (3,000 words every day, come what may) and energetic global marketing. What’s the secret of your success? I started indie publishing thirteen years ago, in the […]

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Debbie Young

Reaching Readers with Author Newsletters

What can an author newsletter do for you that you’re not already getting from Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, your author website and blog? This excellent question was raised recently within our private Facebook group, and many members shared their own thoughts and experiences. ALLi blog editor Debbie Young sums up their advice and provides tips […]

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ALLi News – Tom Chalmers joins ALLi’s Advisory Panel and an exclusive deal with IPR License

The news this week is all about rights, and we’ve got two announcements which we hope will allow ALLi members to continue selling their work further afield. First up, a new addition to ALLi’s Advisory Panel. The latest member of the team is Tom Chalmers, independent publisher and Managing Director of IPR License, a platform […]

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Clare Weiner

Opinion: Write From The Heart (Not For The Genre)

Choosing to self-publish liberates authors from the need to write within the constraints of fiction genres favoured by trade publishers. English novelist Clare Weiner (pen name Mari Howard) makes a compelling case for defying genre in order to write better books. We’ve bought our coffees, we’ve found a table. Way before her behind touches down […]

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Connie Brentford

How To Reach Readers With Social Search Techniques

The globetrotting author coach and bestselling self-published author Connie Brentford, founder of The Moonlighter’s Guide website, shares some invaluable and creative tips on how to engage directly with readers by tracking their comments about your books on social media. I’m a digital nomad and connecting with my readers in person for readings, book clubs and […]

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Helena Halme

Writing: How To Turn Your Life Into A Novel

Helena Halme,  Finnish author of three self-published novels, offers excellent advice on how to turn fact into fiction effectively, drawing on her own experience of writing The Englishman, based on her own experience of an international romance with an English naval officer. During my MA in Creative Writing 10 years ago, writing the story of […]

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