ALLi News: IndieReCon and ALLi go global for 2015

This weeks news from ALLi centres around our newest partnership with the hugely successful IndieReCon online conference, which will run from 15th to the 17th April and culminate in a live readers fair in conjunction with London Book Fair’s Book and Screen Week – and our 3rd birthday too! When people find out that ALLi is […]

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Nerys reading outside bookshop

How to Connect With Bookshops – Advice from a Former Bookseller

Our Berlin correspondent Nerys Hudson shares some insights into publishing gained from the other side of the bookshop counter at the city’s excellent Dialogue Books, one of many aspects of her career to provide an excellent foundation for her current role as ALLi’s Communications and Networks Manager. Some of us involved in the process of a […]

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What Makes a Writer – Nature or Nurture?

In this pensive post sharing insights into his own journey to become a self-published author of creative non-fiction, Paul Murphy heralds the start of a year that will bring greater opportunities for indie authors everywhere. I am writing this as the sun goes down on the end of a year. A time to reflect, consider […]

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Watchdog: The Two-Way Ethics of Authors and Service Providers

    Continuing the conversation begun in ALLi’s Ethical Author campaign towards the end of 2014, ALLi Watchdog Giacomo Giammaetteo draws attention to the importance of indie authors behaving ethically towards service providers. Ethical Behavior Is Not An Option I’ve seen a lot of talk—complaining actually—about the ethics of traditional publishers, vanity presses, and even […]

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