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Watchdog: Big Changes at Bookbaby

EBook Distribution Options Is Free eBook Distribution At An End? Everyone knows that the publishing industry is experiencing massive changes and at the center of that is ebook distribution. For a long time (as measured in the rapidly changing self-published market) Smashwords dominated ebook distribution. Soon enough though, the growth of the industry attracted competition. […]

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Photo of the self-published author Kathryn Guare

Publishing: Assisted Self-Publishing for Beginners

With two highly regarded self-published thrillers to her name, ALLi author member Kathryn Guare generously shares her experience of using an assisted publishing service and going completely DIY, to help new authors make the right decisions. For those just beginning to navigate the landscape of self-publishing, trying to understand the myriad tasks required to transform […]

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Photo of smiling Christine at her stall

Boston Book Festival: Open Up To Indies, Redux

One year on from her first report about the Boston Book Festival, American indie author Christine Frost brings better news from the 2014 event. In fall 2013, the organizers of the Boston Book Festival conducted an experiment. Called “Indie Alley,” it offered tables to self-published authors, but the plan went awry when the originally designated […]

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The editor and author Alison Jack

12 Top Writing Tips for Beginners

ALLi partner member Alison Jack, who is a professional editor, shares writing advice that she wishes she’d known when she was writing her first book , Dory’s Avengers. Her top tips will boost the confidence of anyone at the start of the self-publishing process – and plenty who have progressed beyond novice status or who […]

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