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Writing: What is Flash Fiction and Why Write It Now?

In the first of an occasional series defining and celebrating different genres and formats of writing, British author Debbie Young (yes, the same Debbie Young who is commissioning editor of this blog), shares her enthusiasm for flash fiction and explains why she thinks writing flash is a great discipline for authors of all kinds. As […]

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Writing: How To Boost Your Productivity

Could you write 10,000 words a day? Charles Sheehan-Miles, based in Massachusetts, USA, shares top tips for indie authors to boost their writing productivity, drawing on his own experience. So successful was his own strategy to self-publish more books that he now writes full-time. A couple of years ago, I realized that if I was […]

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Opinion: Why PR Firms Should Embrace Self-publishing

South African author Philippa Rees explains why she feels her faith in a professional PR firm was misplaced – and why such organisations cannot succeed unless they recognise and embrace the special nature of self-publishing. Many indie publishers faced with the daunting prospect of marketing wonder whether, having mastered the publication process, this might be […]

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