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Watchdog: Review of Nook’s New Author Services

ALLi’s Watchdog, Giacomo Giammatteo, assesses the value of Nook’s author services. How Does Nook’s Author Services Stack Up? A lot of authors were surprised when Nook sent out an email announcing a new POD and author services addition to their self-published offerings. At first glance it seemed like a welcome addition for authors and a […]

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Opinion: Build Bridges, Not Barricades

Historical novelist Lucienne Boyce believes it’s more constructive for all kinds of authors to work together harmoniously than to squabble over the relative merits and demerits of traditional and self-publishing routes “Shit volcano.”  “Self-published authors are destroying literature.” “Self-publishing is a deeply corrupt world.” These are just some of the comments self-published authors are used […]

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Are You An Ethical Author?

When concerned author member Jane Steen, wrote a guest post about author ethics here on the Self-Publishing Advice Blog a while back, neither she nor ALLi anticipated the reverberations. Most authors are ethical, yet unethical behaviour is grabbing headlines, bringing our profession into disrepute and frightening reviewers and book bloggers. Could ALLi do something, we were asked. Jane has […]

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