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How to Reach Readers via Google+

Many self-published authors who already worry about spending too much time on long-established social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have been putting off the task of getting to grips with the newer Google+. American novelist Seeley James makes a strong case for why you should jump right it. How I Learned to Quit Worrying […]

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Writing: Why Now’s A Good Time to Self-Publish Serial Fiction

American self-published fantasy novelist Samantha Warren draws our attention to the growing market and potential success of serial fiction, drawing on her own experience as the author of a best-selling ten-part sequence of novellas about vampires. The Penny Dreadful Gets a New Skin  Ce-re-al [seer-ee-uh l]: any plant of the gra… Se-ri-al [seer-ee-uh l]: anything […]

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How To Make the Most of ALLi Membership #2: Write A Guest Post for Our Blog

This month’s top tip for how self-published and indie authors may make the most of their ALLi Membership comes from Debbie Young, Commissioning Editor of ALLi’s blog of self-publishing advice. This blog is, of course, visible to the general public, and you don’t have to be a member of ALLi to benefit from reading it. But two […]

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Writing: How to Find Beta Readers

Drawing on his own experience, US author Michael La Ronn, writing in Des Moines, Iowa, explains how to use Goodreads to find beta readers to help you fine-tune your self-published books. Every author needs a beta reader, but it’s surprising how few authors use them. When I learned about beta reader groups on Goodreads, I […]

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