Karen Inglis

Writers: Mind Your Backs!

Self-published children’s author Karen Inglis provides a cautionary tale about back care for writers everywhere. We hope it wasn’t back pain that caused her to name one of her children’s novels Eeek! Almost four years ago to the day, I stood up after a three-hour stint sitting at my desk to be greeted by a […]

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ALLi News: ALLi joins as an associate for TLC’s “Writing in a Digital Age” Conference

We are thrilled to join the Royal Society of Literature as associate for The Literary Consultancy’s Literary Conference: Writing in a Digital Age. A three-day event for writers and those working with writers, Writing in a Digital Age offers up a hugely diverse selection of talks, headed up by some of the most knowledgeable and […]

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David Rory O'Neill

Opinion: Empowered by Self-Publishing, Still Seeking Self-Worth

What really counts as success in self-publishing? Prolific Irish author David Rory O’Neill considers the factors that validate the indie author’s self-worth and shares lessons he has learned on his own publishing journey. I have been recently engaged with others on Goodreads who are struggling with their self-worth, measuring their success as authors. Above all, […]

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Pam Dixon's logo block

Reaching Readers with Kindle Countdown

Indie author Pam Dixon shares her success story using Kindle Countdown to promote her self-published short fiction. The initial KDP Select enrolment period had ended for my e-book, Only a Heartbeat Away, and I was preparing it for distribution on Smashwords, Nook, and Kobo when I learned about Amazon’s Kindle Countdown program. What an intriguing […]

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Rasana Atreya, Indian self-published author

Publishing: The Self-Publishing Market in India

Indian author Rasana Atreya provides invaluable insight into the current state of self-publishing in India, and shares her views on opportunities and constraints for indie authors in her home country. On February 16, Amazon hosted a self-publishing event in New Delhi, India – Amazon for Authors: Navigating the Road to Self-Publishing Success. Three KDP authors were […]

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Cover of My Prison Without Bars by Taylor Fulks

Writing: Why I Wrote About A Taboo Subject

Award-winning self-published author Taylor Fulks reveals how she came to write a novel about the taboo subject of the sexual abuse of children – and why she’s glad she did. Readers, of all makes and models, “read what they need.” Some are inquisitive, with an insatiable desire for knowledge; seeking out the How-To’s and What-For’s […]

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Cover of "Opening Up To Indie Authors"

ALLi News – A final call for Opening Up to Indie Authors Guidebook launch with Kobo

It’s final call time for what is shaping up to be a wonderful global launch of our forthcoming Opening Up to Indie Authors guidebook this April. The book, which is part of our ongoing campaign of the same name, enables all players (including authors) to meet the challenges of absorbing author-publishers into the wider publishing […]

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Debbie, Self Publishing Advisor

Opinion: How I’ve Got My Money’s Worth From ALLi!

Self-published author Debbie Young considers why she originally joined ALLi and reveals some lesser-known benefits that came as a pleasant surprise! Read on to make sure you’re getting full value from ALLi membership – and if you’re not yet a member, discover what you’re missing! When I joined the Alliance of Independent Authors about six […]

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