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Watchdog: Review of Bookbaby

As part of our regular monthly self-publishing Watchdog series, our official ALLi Watchdog Giacomo Giammatteo turns the spotlight on Bookbaby and investigates what this well-known service provider’s recent changes mean to indie authors wishing to use its distribution services. We covered a lot of aggregators in the “Choosing a Self-Publishing Service” book, released earlier this year, […]

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An Animated Approach to Cover Design

Today American screenwriter Tom Rogers shares his experience of developing an appropriate cover for his children’s  novel, Eleven, which is based on the response to the 9/11 disaster of a young boy living in Manhattan, and who happens to turn eleven years that day. Churchill (or Shaw, or Wilde, depending on whom you ask) famously described […]

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Make the Most of Your ALLi Membership – #1

This is the first of an occasional series of posts highlighting the many benefits of belonging to the Alliance of Independent Authors. ALLi is publishing a series of handbooks to help authors self-publish their books more effectively and professionally. Currently available are two invaluable volumes (more will follow soon): Opening Up to Indie Authors by […]

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Publishing: What are the Benefits of Being a Hybrid Author?

Alaskan author Deb Vanasse shares her personal experience and learning curve of becoming a hybrid author, with books both self-published and traditionally published. Like Hugh Howey, she suspects being hybrid offers the best of both worlds.   “Say you keep the electronic rights,” my publisher said. “What are you going to do with them? I […]

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Writing: Profile of a Free Mentoring Service for Women Writers

Following on from Rebecca Swift’s post earlier this year about professional mentoring services for self-published authors, writer and editor Janette Currie explains how she has helped pay it forward to new writers by volunteering to help with a free writers’ mentoring service: The WoMentoring Project. The WoMentoring Project was launched in April 2014 by Kerry […]

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Cover of Opening Up To Indie Authors

Name And Gain: Role Models Opening Up To Indie Authors

You’ve heard of “Name and Shame”? This post is all about “Name and Gain”! We believe the entire publishing industry gains when author-publishers are accepted as an intrinsic part of the literary and publishing world. That means good author-published books are sold in bookstores, eligible for competitions and prizes, stocked in libraries and accepted for […]

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