Watchdog: The Two-Way Ethics of Authors and Service Providers

    Continuing the conversation begun in ALLi’s Ethical Author campaign towards the end of 2014, ALLi Watchdog Giacomo Giammaetteo draws attention to the importance of indie authors behaving ethically towards service providers. Ethical Behavior Is Not An Option I’ve seen a lot of talk—complaining actually—about the ethics of traditional publishers, vanity presses, and even […]

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Ask ALLi and ALLi Insights Combo Logo

Ask ALLi & ALLi Insights – January Events

We’re kicking off 2015 with two compelling Ask ALLi events and hope you will be able to join us for the live broadcast on Google+. Both of these events will also be available on our YouTube channel following the event. ALLi Insights: Books by Design – Understanding Design for Author-Publishers with Joel Friedlander The Q&A will be […]

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Cover of a 2015 diary

New Blog Schedule for 2015

Our 2015 development plan for ALLi’s self-publishing advice blog includes rebranding it as ALLi’s Author Advice Centre. This neatly sidesteps the ongoing debate of what to call ourselves – self-publishers, author-publishers, indie authors, etc – a harbinger of the happy day when we all just call ourselves authors, no matter how we are published. (I’m sure […]

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