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Writing: Past or Present Tense?

Most fiction writers will at some point ask themselves in which tense they should be framing their stories. Part of the joy of being an indie author is that the choice is yours. But which to choose? Here are some pros and cons for each approach to help you decide. These comments were harvested from […]

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Event Preview – Sell More Books This Holiday Season

The holiday season is drawing near, bringing authors a fantastic opportunity to reach regular and reluctant readers alike. This month’s ALLi Insights Seminar will see our new Marketing Advisor, Jim Kukral, join Orna Ross for an in-depth interview packed full of tips for selling more books and reaching more readers. If you’re around tomorrow, you […]

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Indie Authors Overcoming Book Reviews

Opinion: Why It’s Good to Get Bad Reviews

Theo Rogers turns the issue in his book “How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon” on its head and explains why indie authors should also welcome occasional bad reviews. Why Bad Reviews Can Be Good for Self-published Authors Everyone gets bad reviews. Yes, everyone. Pick the books you consider the greatest works of literary genius ever […]

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How to Create a Pop-Up Bookstore

Catriona Troth, novelist and member of the influential Triskele Books collective, explains how to reach more readers for your self-published books by setting up your own pop-up bookstore. Some of the most energising times I have spent in the last few years have been at gatherings of indie authors. But so often, in those gatherings, […]

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In Praise of Print Books

Turkish author Atulya Bingham explains why she’s going against the flow in self-publishing circles by producing only a print edition of her first book and disregarding ebooks. ‘Don’t do a print run!’ They cry. We’ve all heard the stories of authors cowering under towers of their first novel, the debt incurred, the usurped garage space, […]

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