Will you be joining our ACX party?

It’s final call for our exclusive audiobook event. This is a great opportunity for anyone London way to meet key members of the ALLi, the Amazon Audible/ACX team and even partake in a free drink or two – all whilst discovering how you can utilise audiobooks and create great audiobooks without breaking the bank. Indie […]

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Cartoon of someone trying to harness an elephant

How to Reach More Readers by Harnessing Retailers’ Algorithms

The self-published British sci-fi novelist Simon Denman has drawn on his own experience from launching his bestselling sci-fi novel “Connected” to deduce valuable advice how to harness and benefit from the algorithms used by Amazon and other influential sites to determine your book’s visibility and sales reach. Most authors I know enjoy marketing about as much […]

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Cover of The Subtlest Soul by Virginia Cox

Publishing: New HNS Award for Indie Authors

Earlier this month, the prestigious Historical Novel Society awarded its first ever award for self-published novels at its annual conference. Here are brief details of how the award came about, how it operates and who won it, plus some useful links to more detailed posts by ALLi author members who were at the event. The […]

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Statue crowned with laurels

6 Great Reasons to Enter Writing Competitions

Writing competitions abound, and new ones are announced every day, it seems. Yet entering a writing competition takes time, effort and organisational skills, as well as distracting you from arguably more important things – such as writing and self-publishing your next book! Is it worth it? Debbie Young considers. In a recent straw poll of […]

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Helen Hollick wearing a cream hat

Opinion: Why Indie Authors Must Meet Professional Production Standards – Including Cream Paper for Fiction!

As self-published authors, we may be thankful for the creative freedom allowed by our independent status – but should we also use that freedom to depart from conventional publishing production standards? Historical novelist Helen Hollick thinks not. A debate about the choice of paper colour triggered this heartfelt plea for conformity. A couple of days ago […]

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