How to Create a Pop-Up Bookstore

Catriona Troth, novelist and member of the influential Triskele Books collective, explains how to reach more readers for your self-published books by setting up your own pop-up bookstore. Some of the most energising times I have spent in the last few years have been at gatherings of indie authors. But so often, in those gatherings, […]

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Photo of her book on a display table in a bookshop

In Praise of Print Books

Turkish author Atulya Bingham explains why she’s going against the flow in self-publishing circles by producing only a print edition of her first book and disregarding ebooks. ‘Don’t do a print run!’ They cry. We’ve all heard the stories of authors cowering under towers of their first novel, the debt incurred, the usurped garage space, […]

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View from top of a high building with a book next to a pair of feet

What Indie Authors Can Learn From The Music Industry

Sarah Juckes of ALLi partner member CompletelyNovel has been picking up some great promotional ideas from the indie music industry. There’s lots of great advice online discussing the all-important foundations of book marketing, such as great metadata, having a social media presence and speaking at events. In my experience though, authors often want to get […]

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Cover of Opening Up To Indie Authors

6 Key Facts about Self-publishing – for Writers & Readers

English indie author Christopher Joyce, who writes the successful “Creatures of Chichester” series of children’s novels, recently put out a call on the ALLi members’ Facebook forum for six key facts about self-publishing that could be used whenever one is asked to explain the concept. As ever, ALLi members were quick to respond, and I’ve divided […]

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Cover of Catherine Wilson's first book

Quality Control for Self-Published Writing

Many book appraisal and review services  assure readers of the quality of self-published books – and indie authors of their own worth. Californian novelist Catherine Wilson so enjoyed having her own books reviewed by Awesome Indies that she went on to volunteered as one of their team of reviewers. Here she explains why. Self-Publishing in […]

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Welcome to ALLi’s Self-Publishing Directory!

We’re delighted to announce the first public viewing of ALLi’s new Self-Publishing Service Directory. Available online for any author to access, we hope it serves as a useful resource when it comes to your next book project. The Self-Publishing Directory showcases ALLi Partner Members, who are vetted by our Watchdog and comply with our Code […]

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