How Indie Authors Can Remain Resilient: Know Which Critics To Listen To and Which To Ignore

 Before you react to a disappointing review, consider who sent it – “the peanut gallery” or your peers? ALLi’s Creative Advisor Mark McGuinness offers valuable advice on how self-published authors can remain resilient in the face of adverse criticism. Leonard Cohen is not your typical rock star. Not only does he write slow, melancholic, poetic […]

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Farewell and Thank You Ann Crispin

I didn’t know Ann Crispin personally but her friend and partner at Writer Beware, Victoria Strauss, has been a Writers’ Watchdog for ALLi since we started and we are all indebted to their great work on behalf of authors. Nobody has done more to alert writers to scams, rip-offs, shady goings on and literary fraud […]

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Photo of the author Steena Holmes

How I Do It: Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets. This week: Steena Holmes

“Surround yourself with other indie authors who are reaching for the same things you are,” advises award-winning novelist Steena Holmes, whose novel Finding Emma has sold over 100,000 copies and earned her a three-book deal with Amazon. What’s the secret of your success? My readers. They fell in love with Finding Emma, a book I […]

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Photo of the sci-fi author Eliza Green

How To Increase the Discoverability of Your Self-Published Books: Choose The Right KDP Categories

Indie author Eliza Green shares her personal experience of improving her self-published book’s discoverability  on Amazon by strategic choice of categories and keywords. Selling books on Amazon isn’t easy but improving your book’s discoverability will be a great help. On Amazon, discoverability begins and ends with categories and keywords. These two things can help readers […]

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The author Karen Myers

Why Indie Authors & Publishers Should Buy Their Own ISBNs

“I would no more omit my ISBN from a book I’ve written than I would take away my name,” asserts indie author and publisher Karen Myers. Here’s why she believes depending on retailers’ own identifiers (ASINs, etc) is a false econony, long term. Independent publishers and author/publishers aren’t supporting corporate boardrooms, expense accounts, or Manhattan […]

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