Maia Sepp, Canadian author

Why This Indie Author Won’t Be Joining the Writers’ Union of Canada

Canadian novelist Maia Sepp takes the Writer’s Union of Canada to task over its attitude to independent authors. I’m disappointed in the Writer’s Union of Canada’s membership committee’s recent announcement of their decision to (potentially) include indie writers. Instead of innovating with an eye to the future, the union chose to adopt a two-tiered membership […]

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Joanne Phillips

Better Your Books with Beta Readers

Joanne Phillips, author of two novels and nearing the completion of her third, explains how to recruit and use beta readers to fine-tune your work before it’s published – an invaluable service that won’t cost you a penny. Put simply, beta readers are people who volunteer to read your work prior to publication and give […]

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what is an indie author

What IS An Indie Author?

Novelist and ALLi Director Orna Ross considers the (sometimes confusing) question of what exactly distinguishes an indie author. This post was prompted by an ALLi member who thought she had to leave our Alliance because she had just signed a deal with a trade publisher. “It’s ironic,” she wrote. “All the great tips I got […]

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What Successful Self-Publishers Do Well

Some months ago, ALLi worked with Dr Alison Baverstock on her most recent investigations into self-publishing, the findings from which will be published soon. Here she gives us a sneak peek at what the research revealed about indie authors. What I found [in my research] was in direct contrast to previously widely held assumptions about […]

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