Joanne Phillips, author and indexer

How to Index A Self-Published Non-Fiction Book – A Beginner’s Guide by Joanne Phillips

Professional indexer and successful self-published novelist Joanne Phillips provides an easy-to-follow guide to compiling an index for a self-published non-fiction book. Providing an index gives your non-fiction book a professional edge, and compiling one is as easy as ABC once you’ve mastered the basic rules. A non-fiction book without an index always strikes me as slightly […]

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Twitter bird with "follow me" sign

Why This Indie Author is Dispensing with Social Media Like-Fests

Indie author Sue Millard cautions authors against indiscriminate like-fests on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Instead, she recommends her own more effective technique for making the most of social media’s marketing opportunities.   There are lots of Like-Fests happening on Facebook and Twitter this autumn. I have to admit I prefer Facebook, where I […]

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Indie Authors: Would You Pay for A Book Review? Amy Edelman and Orna Ross Go Head-to-head

Amy Edelman of Indie Reader (IR) recently posted a story, “Why Do Indie Authors Pay for Consumer Reviews?” on the IR blog. It attracted so much heat in the first twenty minutes that she took it down (as her lead, she made the unfortunate mistake of citing an unverified story). But her larger point, she […]

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Debbie Young

5 Cures for the Self-Published Writer’s Block

It’s a rare writer who never suffers from writer’s block. If you do, you’re in good company: it hampers even the most successful writers. When asked the most frightening thing he’d ever encountered, Ernest Hemingway declared “a blank sheet of paper”. ALLi blog editor Debbie Young shares her experience. I know how Hemingway felt. Decades […]

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