Alison Morton with her debut novel

Reaching Readers: Raise Awareness of the Launch of Your Second Book With a Cut-price Promotion of Your First

To raise the profile of the impending launch of her second book, self-published thriller writer Alison Morton gave its prequel an extra promotional boost. Here she explains why and how, and shares her strategy’s pleasing results. Last month, I decided to increase interest in the imminent launch of Perfiditas, book two of my Roma Nova […]

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Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn signing her latest book

The Dilemma of the Hybrid Author: Which Publishing Route to Choose Next?

Author and creative writing tutor Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn shares the dilemma facing a growing number of authors who have been both traditionally published and self-published: which to choose? With the publication of my second novel The Piano Player’s Son by Cinnamon Press, I’ve been pondering my new status of hybrid author. Hybrid: the offspring of parents […]

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Dan Holloway, indie author and performance poet

Opinion: If Indieland Must Have Gatekeepers… by Dan Holloway

Indie author and poet Dan Holloway considers whether it’s possible to implement quality control standards in the world of self-publishing without changing the nature of the indie community. Whatever meteorological metaphor you use to describe the proliferation of self-published titles, if you are a serious-minded self-publisher you will probably be relieved at the growth of […]

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Chele Cooke, author of Dead and Buryd

Will NaNoWriMo Help You Publish A Novel? Why This Self-Published Author Thinks It Will

Fantasty writer Chele Cooke makes a great case for aspiring self-published authors to use NaNoWriMo as a stepping-stone to publishing a novel – as she did for her  debut novel, Dead and Buryd. What Is NaNoWriMo Anyway? NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is the challenge to complete a novel within the space of a single […]

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Photo of the self-published author Kathryn Guare

Writing Craft: The Challenge of Writing An Opening Line of Staggering Genius

Indie author Kathryn Guare shares her thoughts on the importance of opening your novel with a memorable, brilliant first line. I’ve been thinking a lot about first lines, lately. Creeping towards the publication of my second novel in a planned series of suspense thrillers, I’d already been obsessing over every comma, every unnecessary occurrence of […]

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