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How To Increase the Discoverability of Your Self-Published Books: Choose The Right KDP Categories

Indie author Eliza Green shares her personal experience of improving her self-published book’s discoverability  on Amazon by strategic choice of categories and keywords. Selling books on Amazon isn’t easy but improving your book’s discoverability will be a great help. On Amazon, discoverability begins and ends with categories and keywords. These two things can help readers […]

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The author Karen Myers

Why Indie Authors & Publishers Should Buy Their Own ISBNs

“I would no more omit my ISBN from a book I’ve written than I would take away my name,” asserts indie author and publisher Karen Myers. Here’s why she believes depending on retailers’ own identifiers (ASINs, etc) is a false econony, long term. Independent publishers and author/publishers aren’t supporting corporate boardrooms, expense accounts, or Manhattan […]

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Join The Alliance of Independent Authors: An Invitation

Welcome back! Lots of us in the Northern Hemisphere are, like Shakespeare’s whining schoolboy, “creeping like a snail, unwillingly” back towards the desk after the summer holidays. Here at the Alliance of Independent Authors, we’re easing  back in and the Self-Publishing Advice Blog will be back to full transmission next week, with a great feature on […]

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Happy Holiday!

The Self Publishing Advice blog is taking a holiday. We’ll be back on August 28th, to kick off  an exciting end-of-year blog programme.  In the meantime, contacts, connections, learning and campaigning goes on  at the Alliance of Independent Authors. Not yet a member? We’d love you to join us . Happy August and see you soon!

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Indie Authors: Reach New Readers With Indie Book Evaluators (Part 2 of 2)

Indie book evaluation sites assure readers of the quality of self-published books, but how can indie authors get involved? Find out today from Tahlia Newland of Awesome Indies.  Also take a look at our previous interview with  Jessica Bennett of Compulsion Reads.  Why did you decide to set up an evaluation programme for indie books? […]

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