Self-published author J R Sheridan

The Psychology of the Put-Down, or Why Being a Self-Published Writer is a Bit Like Being a Bouncer

As an interesting aside to the continuing debate about hostile reviewers, thriller writer James Sheridan finds similarities between his dual roles as a self-published author and a door operative, commonly known as a bouncer. Freshers week is upon us at my local town’s university. As a door supervisor I start a week-long stretch of late […]

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Indie Authors Alliance Yearbook

The Alliance of Independent Authors Watchdog Warning: New Self-Publishing Resource from Writers & Artists

Another once-venerable publishing brand, Writers & Artists, an imprint of the Bloomsbury group, is showing little regard for writers as they move into the self-publishing arena. We’ve written here before about trade publishers like Penguin and Simon & Schuster showing insufficient care for authors as they trade on their brand-names to sell over-priced and under-performing […]

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The self-published author Amira Makansi

A Self-Published Author’s Rebuttal to Jonathan Franzen

Indie author Amira Makansi responds to Jonathan Franzen’s recent controversial dismissal of self-publishing and finds that he has more in common than he might realise with the self-publishers that he decries.  Nobody in the publishing world was surprised when Jonathan Franzen came out two weeks ago with an essay decrying the advent of self-publishing, the […]

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