Self-Publishers: How You Can Get Your Questions Answered

Self-publishing (and indeed writing) is often misconceived as a purely solitary business – which makes life a little difficult when you encounter a question which hasn’t got an immediate, self-generated answer. We’re always keen to remove the association between independent and isolated, as our members will testify– which is why we wanted to introduce you […]

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Road sign saying "Apocalypse ahead"

Opinion: Why 2020 Predictions Aren’t All Gloom and Doom

American novelist John Doppler embraces the apocalypse that some are predicting for the world of publishing and explains why indies needn’t be afraid… The end is nigh! Any day now, the world will be destroyed by nuclear war, magnetic pole reversal, financial collapse, mass coronal ejection, asteroid impact, a supervolcano, supervirus, or supernova…. At least, according to […]

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headshot of Rebecca Cantrell

Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets. How I Do It by Rebecca Cantrell

Rebecca Cantrell,  is a New York Times bestselling author, recently became the first indie author to win the prestigious International Thriller Writers’ Award with her novel The World Beneath. Here she shares her top tips for success as an indie author and her experience of reaching the top. What’s the secret of your success? I’ll […]

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Photo looking down a row of shelves in a library

Reaching Readers via Libraries: Important Feedback from Jane Davis

Having previously failed to convince her local libraries to stock her self-published titles, British novelist Jane Davis was delighted to be invited to Redhill Library to talk to a packed room of librarians and influencers. In this post, she shares the feedback she gained from this important audience, while also helping them to understand how […]

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Headshot of Stephanie Hopkins

Publishing: How do Book Bloggers Work? Interview with Stephanie M Hopkins

Understanding how book bloggers operate will help you approach them in the right way and increase your chance of gaining traction for your self-published books on their websites. I’m therefore very pleased to interview today a prominent book blogger, Stephanie M Hopkins, to take us behind the scenes. First, to set the scene, here are a few […]

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How to Reach Readers with the Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion

Thriller writer Alison Morton shares her positive experience of applying a quality control award for self-published books and explains how it helps her gain credibility and recognition of her alternate history novels. Last month,  Sarah Dale announced to fellow ALLi members on our private members’ Facebook forum: “Hope you don’t mind me saying…but I’ve just […]

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