Debbie, Self Publishing Advisor

Ambitious Plans In Place for ALLi Blog

Having published an astonishing 157 posts in its first year, the ALLi Self-Publishing Advice blog is gaining a reputation as THE essential reference point for indie authors the world over. Developing and maintaining a blog on this scale is a big job, and to grow it further will require more manpower – and that’s where […]

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Writing In A Digital Age

As the literary events and conference season kicks off, one London conference stands our from the rest. Writing in a Digital Age was launched last year by The Literary Consultancy (TLC) and it was notably inclusive in its approach, perhaps because TLC founder and Director, Rebecca Swift, also happens to be ALLi’s Literature Advisor. “Our […]

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Sign The Alliance of Independent Authors’ Petition: Open Up To Indies

As festival season approaches, we’re getting started on our campaign to get literary organisations, festivals, bookstores and reviewers to find room for self-publishers in their programs. We’ll have our guidebook soon and are setting up a mechanism by which our volunteers will be able to tell us the results they are getting, in a “Name-To-Gain” […]

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