Publishing: Why Author Advocacy Works

How effective author advocacy by campaigners David Gaughran and Victoria Strauss have influenced The Bookseller‘s decision to no longer accept advertisements  from Author Solutions – a report by ALLi’s Press and PR Manager Nerys Hudson, from her office in Berlin, Germany. She also shares David Gaughran’s top tips for adding your voice to the continuing […]

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self-published author, poet and musician Jessica Bell

Writing – How To Survive Writing In A Narrow Niche: Diversify!

Australian self-published author Jessica Bell provides a personal case study of how writers targeting small niches may increase the income from their work by embracing other genres, as she has done. She generously shares some impressive sales figures to illustrate her point. I write literary fiction and poetry. And let’s face it, they’re a tough […]

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Diana Horner

Reaching Readers: How To Choose Self-Publishing Distribution Options for Ebooks

Diana Horner, co-founder of ebook conversion and distribution service, counsels self-published authors to consider all their ebook distribution options, rather than automatically plumping for Amazon. I speak to authors and publishers every day. When I am asked the question “Should I try Amazon KDP Select? Or list my ebooks on all the retailers I […]

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Headshot of author Sarah Dale

Publishing: A Lighthearted Recipe for Self-publishing Success

Having successfully self-published two self-help books, occupational psychologist Sarah Dale considers what she’s learned along the way about the process of self-publishing, and she now shares the vital ingredients and processes in the form of a tongue-in-cheek recipe below. Has she missed any essential ingredients that you’d like to add? If so, please don’t hesitate […]

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Karen Inglis

Writers: Mind Your Backs!

Self-published children’s author Karen Inglis provides a cautionary tale about back care for writers everywhere. We hope it wasn’t back pain that caused her to name one of her children’s novels Eeek! Almost four years ago to the day, I stood up after a three-hour stint sitting at my desk to be greeted by a […]

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