Self-Publishing Authors can Connect with Readers Inside their E-Books. By ALLi Social Media Manager, Karen Lotter

Imagine Indie authors and readers connecting inside their e-books – sounds like something way in the future? Well as we know on the web, the future is yesterday! I’ve just discovered this new connection platform is called  a WeJIT.

Democrasoft’s WeJIT™ technology is now available directly to authors who are self-publishing their e-books. WeJITs, created by an author and embedded in an e-book, allow an e-book reader to communicate directly with the author, with other readers from within the e-book, and with new individuals outside the book, who can participate in book-based discussions, expanding a book’s readership and reach.

If you think this is cool, have a look at the newly announced Democrasoft site, which is specifically for authors who are self-publishing their e-books without the help of 3rd party publishers. The video explains how it all works.

The top selling book 11 Days in May, by JD Messinger and published by Waterfront Digital Press, included 32 embedded WeJIT discussions, enabling the author and readers to interact with each other from inside the e-book.

Self-published Authors can Engage with Readers

WeJIT’s do not disturb readers (they can ignore the WeJITs if they like) and because WeJITs link up easily with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitterm they give readers an opportunity to engage with authors on themes, issues and discussions within the book.

The readers can then post their statements, answers on their Facebook, Twitter etc, where their friends, in turn could become involved in the discussion and may become interested in the book.

So why would self-published authors want to put a WeJITs in their book?

  • Increase readership
  • Increase awareness
  • Sell more books

According to Democrasoft Chairman & CEO Richard Lang “Offering WeJIT capability directly to self-published authors not yet affiliated with a publisher, will expand the availability of multi-way interactive author-reader-reader experiences inside of e-books. It will enable authors to have a reach and reader engagement that is far greater than what the traditional e-book experience currently affords.”

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  1. ALLi Admin November 10, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    Yes, I think a lot of indie authors spend a lot of time talking on Facebook and the like. But to be able to connect directly with readers like this is something amazing


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